Handbags have come a long way from being a mere accessory or necessity to carry things around to being extension of personality and style statement. Handbags! (Sigh) what would we do without them? They have become an integral part of our everyday life. Earlier women used to carry their possessions in very boring and dull handbags but with modern revolution in fashion, features, look and profile of the women handbags have changed. A beautiful combination of style, look and utility.

Ever known the feeling of being as lost as a wanderer in Desert? Yep! That is exactly what a woman would feel without her handbag. A woman cherishes her handbag as she would cherish and critical part of her daily life. Sending her out without her handbag is like sending a soldier in warzone without any weapons. For many women the handbags in her wardrobe is more expensive then all her other accessories but even being expensive it is their most satisfying purchase. Does the saying “The more the merrier” ring the bell? The delight of carrying stylish and branded Handbags outweighs the delight of using and other accessory. A perfect handbag should be suiting your personality and style it increases several level of you style statement. We use handbag almost every day so it is important that it matches your attire and finding the perfect handbag for you attire gives another level of satisfaction altogether.

Handbags are for women of all ages. The only difference being the type and style of bags they use. It also depends in individual choices. There are a wide variety of women’s handbag available namely satchels, clutches, vanity, hobo, etc. Each type has its own set of features like clutches. Clutches are small in size; it is a handbag without handles. They are often of rectangular shape and mostly use for evening wear but at times also used during the day while a satchel is often with a strap. These are often worn diagonally across the body and are soft-sided and the main purpose of it is to carry book and documents.

Since we are talking about Handbags it is essential as to know about the contents in it. It is said that the women carries her world in her bag or rather her handbag is her mini container. From wet tissues to I pads and at time a pair of clothes women’s bag posses it all. "It is a personal bank, a beauty parlor, an entertainment centre, an emergency kit and a snack bar," says Chandni Nihalani of Shwa, a handbag brand. It contains everything from electronic gadgets, medical products (bandages, hand sanitizers, wipes), food items, currency, and how can we forget? Cosmetics. When asked a few women as to why they preferred to carry so many things around the most common reply we got is “you never know what might come in handy”. For women small thing like keys, liner, pen, coins, etc. often gets lost in their handbags and after two or three checks reappears magically! And yes this is a very common thing among female population.

Shopping for women handbags is a long, confusing, tiring and tedious work. On one hand the there is a wide variety of products to choose from and on other hand there is also the personal choice. But shopping of ladies bags online has made one thing simple. You don’t have to run from one shop to another. And oo laa la.com provides you with these benefits. Of course you still have the choice of choosing from variety of handbags we offer.