Footwear! When you talk about its basic applications it’s just a garment worn on your feet to protect it. But well that’s not the reality, is it? Yes! It protects your feet but the type of shoes you were today is all about the fashion statement you make by wearing it. Once comfort was one of the agendas to buy footwear but now fashion and style is something of top priority. Do you think wearing a four inch heels or ankle boots would provide comfort? Fashion yes, but comfort?

From basic necessity to fashion statement footwear has gone a long way. At times the type or kind of shoes you wear reflexes on individual’s personality. Hollywood actress Winona Ryder believes that, “A woman's choice of dressing, especially footwear, speaks volumes about her personality. What you wear - and it always starts with your shoes - determines what kind of character you are”. Since the demand her is made the supply should be made as well as to meet demand (I know very basic economics, but hey! can’t help making the connection). An individual can buy shoes in at variety of place the small local shops, mall, showroom, and lately online buy. Footwear worn by both men and women but we here will be mainly talking about women and their footwear for very obvious reasons. There are varieties of women footwear available some of them being pumps, anklets, wedges, stilettos, boots, etc. and the best part being purchasing these women shoes and footwear online, saving you from making that unwanted trip to the mall.

Pumps are one of the most popular styles of women footwear and they are also one of the most difficult to explain about. The pumps basically low cut fronts and have back of the shoe closed. A classic pump is without any ties, straps, lace buckles or a seamless. These pumps can have round toes, pointy toes, peep toes, almond toes, etc. and size of heels is often varied. Patent leather is the material which is usually preferred this type of footwear. It is also a part of a costume of a ballroom dancer. The term ‘pump’ was originally derived from heelless shoes ‘pompes’ originally wore by men.As said above footwear is just not about basic necessity anymore. But it is also about style and fashion statement. so it is important for an individual to follow the latest trend to keep up with the trends. Like for instance during summer wedge sandals and flat sandals are a big hit since they are comfortable yet look elegant. And we at oo laa provide you with all the latest and trendy women footwear online. Giving you choices of not only the fashion this season but also keeping in mind of your comfort. After all your feet are precious and they deserve the best. And what more do you need when everything is available under once website and with the benefit of cash on delivery.