Belts have for the longest of times been used as way of keeping pieces of clothes together or holding those gorgeous pants of yours at waist. However, as more and more emphasize is given to fashion, belts usage is not a mere necessity anymore but more of a fashion statement that you make. They now add color to your plain dull outfit or simply add a bit of glamour while also improving body line definition. In women’s glorious world of fashion, belts have become an essential accessory. From formal wear to casual, thin to thick our belts go with all costumes, ages, moods and essential events we attend to.

Belts are just an absolute way of introducing bling, texture or chic of pop color to any outfit; belts are one of the few accessories which can take a simple and fine looking outfit to top notch and fantastic. It is fairly easy to complete your complete ensemble by adding last minute accessories like belts. Women’s belts are surely having more varieties and are much more fancier then the belts for men (But aren’t we women just fancier then men in all fashion aspects!). There are so many varieties available that it becomes rather confusing what to choose from. Different body shapes, outfits, events, etc. require a range of different belts.

Now there are few belts that you should absolutely have in your wardrobe some of which are the simple belts that we use for holding up your outfits and pants, the leather belts and of course the gorgeous animal printed belts (sigh!). There are various types of belts some of the being wide belts, skinny belts, braided belts, leather belts, plastic scented belts (yes! I know right), Leather engraved belts, floral belts, suede belts, etc. Belts may or may not be for everyone. If you have a full waist or are on the healthier side you could always go for killer shoes and gorgeous clutches to look give that perfect look. And beside there some style tricks that can help you solve the classic belt on waist issue. An always chose your belt with caution you should always purchase with caution. For example the pure leather belts are often costlier but better in quality. Another example could be that what you wear around hips, waist and bust affects the structure or silhouette of individuals figure – it can either make you look plumy or lean or add pounds to your figure or trim it, it is all in the choice.

Belts are a good investment and it is necessary to take your time and asses weather that particular style is worth buying or not. And it is about proportions many personalities that we admire don’t actually have a perfect body they are just smart enough and have a good understanding of what suits their figure the best. So in the end it is all about understanding your figure of what suits you the best and what not. And a little experiment here and there doesn’t hurt any way because you never know when it turns out to be a success (speaking from personal experience of course!)

So it’s time to tie up and straighten the loose ends on your outfit with our of gorgeous, adorable and alluring range of women’s belts at so whether you want to look glamour’s or just hold up that boyfriend jeans you are sure to find your perfect fit from our range of women belts.