In today’s generation or rather you can say in this era women are very particular about their dressing sense and style. There was a time where women use to wear anything and just go out but today no! They just cannot compromise with their clothes, they want everything to be perfect and yes of course how can we forget it should be in trend and not out-dated. Now-a-days women are much more conscious about their clothes. They love shopping and getting dress up. Women try all types of style clothing available in market. There was a time where people cared about tops and not bottoms, they feel that everybody only notices tops and not bottom but in today’s scenario the case is extremely different everybody takes note of every single thing worn by a girl from head to toe. That is why even the bottom wear has started getting attention. Girls, particularly have become conscious about the lowers also. They are not neglected these days. These day, there is a huge variety of lowers or bottoms also. In any case these lowers are the essential part of everyday wear for girls. There are few bottom wear for women and girls which are in trend but before telling you what is going in trend I would like to give a short explanation about what is bottom wear.

Bottom Wear for is outer garment extending from the waist to the knees or ankles and divided into separate coverings for the legs. Basically it is the pants, skirts, leggings etc which we wear on the lower part of our body. Now few bottom wear which are in trend they are:

• Printed leggings
• Skirts
• Colored Denims
• Shorts
• Corduroy
• Cotton pants

There are different types of leggings such as short leggings, long leggings, shinny leggings, which are also available in plain as well as printed but printed ones are more in trend. Generally women prefer wearing cotton n plain leggings as they can wear in routine but now it is different, printed leggings are more in fashion even actresses wear printed leggings. These days even short skirts have come more in fashion young girls wear colored short skirts to look more beautiful and pretty. There are even long, short and formal skirts available in the market. Girls and women wear skirts to show to curves and to look cute pretty and beautiful.

Now-a-days shorts are more seen in fashion in every college or anywhere you will find girls and women wearing shorts. Even when I go out of town I prefer wearing shorts. It is very comfortable. You know there are many benefits for wearing skirts like it creates impression, comfort level is also high, and it is also came to know that it is healthier for a woman to wear skirts as opposed to pants. Skirts allow the legs to "breathe" better, which can lead better circulation. This can make your life less stressful.

Everyone has their own choice now many women are not comfortable in wearing skirts they prefer wearing jeans. If I am talking about jeans I love denims jeans they are the most awesome thing to wear and I feel relaxed.
Even corduroy and cotton pants are more in fashion and these bottom wears are in trend. Cotton pants are basically made from cotton and are very much comfortable in all season especially

 in summer. During summers usually girls and women wear cotton pants. These smooth cotton pants are ease on your body.

So if you think that people do not notice what you wear in bottom then you think wrong because it only gives a perfect look if your bottom wear is also taken care. Shopping legging for girls or skirts or anything is a very time consuming and tedious work. If there is problem then there is also a solution which online shopping has solved. You can buy skirts online or leggings online at least you do not need to run from one to another. And provides you with varieties of bottom wears.